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Development and optimization of an electronic cigarette sales application with subscription system, affiliate integration and personalized management tools

As part of this mission, we supported our client, a major player in the sale of electronic cigarettes, in the development and optimization of its e-commerce application. The objective was to facilitate sales management, improve the user experience and maximize the profitability of the company thanks to various tailor-made functionalities.

Key Achievements :

  1. Implementation of a subscription system with the Recharge application:

    • Analysis of customer needs and design of a subscription system adapted to its product catalog
    • Integration of the subscription system in the user interface to facilitate the management of subscribers and recurring orders
    • Configuring the Recharge app to automate billing and product delivery to subscribers
    • Training of the client's staff in the use of the new subscription system and support in its handling
  2. Integration of an affiliate system:

    • Design and implementation of a secure connection with a third-party affiliate platform
    • Development of a user interface facilitating the management of affiliates and the monitoring of sales made through this channel
    • Implementation of an automatic remuneration system for affiliates
  3. Creation of an automatic Excel dashboard for the management of reimbursement offers:

    • Automation of the collection of sales data and current promotional offers
    • Design of a clear and intuitive dashboard to monitor the performance of cashback offers and adjust marketing strategies accordingly
    • Implementation of an alert system to quickly identify underperforming offers and take corrective action

Thanks to these various achievements, our client was able to improve the efficiency of its operations, increase its sales and build customer loyalty. This mission has also strengthened collaboration with affiliate partners, thereby generating additional revenue for the company.

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