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Our client, which specializes in the sale of electric mobility solutions (bicycles, scooters, etc.), wanted to improve the visibility of its website on search engines and strengthen the appeal of its content for visitors. To meet these objectives, we carried out a mission in several stages:

  1. Integration of SEO recommendations:

Following an audit carried out by an SEO agency, we have integrated the recommendations provided to improve the natural referencing of the site. The actions carried out include:

  • Optimization of meta tags (title, description, H1, H2, etc.) for better positioning on targeted keywords;
  • Improved URL structure for better understanding by search engines;
  • Reduced page load time through image compression and code optimization;
  • Fixed broken links and set up 301 redirects for outdated pages.
  1. Reconfiguration of the blog and improvement of the content:

In order to further engage visitors and build credibility for the site, we worked on redesigning the blog and producing quality content. The actions carried out include:

  • Restructured blog categories and tags for better organization and navigation;
  • Writing feature articles on the benefits of electric mobility, industry news and tips for using the products;
  • Integration of attractive visuals and videos to enrich the user experience;
  • Establishment of an editorial calendar to ensure the regular publication of relevant articles.
  1. Optimization of the internal mesh and work on the robots.txt file:

To facilitate navigation and indexing of the site, we carried out an optimization of the internal mesh and made modifications to the robots.txt file. The actions carried out include:

  • Adding relevant internal links in blog posts and product pages to improve navigation and content discovery;
  • Setting up breadcrumbs to allow visitors to easily understand their position in the structure of the site;
  • Configuration of the robots.txt file to guide search engine robots in indexing the site and avoid crawling irrelevant pages.

Thanks to these actions, our client now benefits from better positioning on search engines and quality content to inform and engage visitors, thus strengthening the visibility and credibility of its offer of electric mobility solutions.

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