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Development of a personalized order taking system for a customer specializing in meal trays

As part of this mission, we worked with our client, a supplier of meal trays, to develop a tailor-made online ordering system. The goal was to simplify the ordering process for customers, while allowing efficient management of the product catalog, delivery dates and holidays.

Key Achievements :

  1. Design and development of an order taking system with date management:

    • Analysis of customer needs and creation of an intuitive and easy-to-use online ordering system
    • Integration of an interactive calendar allowing customers to select the desired delivery date
    • Development of a date checking mechanism to avoid orders during public holidays or periods of unavailability
  2. Product catalog management:

    • Design of a product management interface allowing the customer to add, modify and delete catalog items in a simple and efficient way
    • Development of a product filtering and sorting system to help customers easily navigate the catalog and find the meal trays that meet their needs
  3. Integration of the management of public holidays and periods of unavailability:

    • Implemented functionality allowing the customer to add, modify and delete holidays and blackout periods in the system
    • Integration of this management of public holidays in the order process to avoid orders on these specific days
    • Implementation of an alert system to inform customers of public holidays and periods of unavailability when taking orders

Thanks to these achievements, our client was able to offer a simple and pleasant online ordering experience to its customers, while facilitating the management of products and delivery dates. This project has improved operational efficiency and increased sales and customer satisfaction.

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