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Creation of an e-commerce application for a client specializing in the sale of seeds with integration of a personalized design and development of an application dedicated to logistics


As part of this mission, we collaborated with our client, a seed supplier, to develop a tailor-made e-commerce application. The objective was to create an attractive and functional online platform to facilitate sales, while optimizing logistics operations through a dedicated application.

Key Achievements :

Integration of custom design based on Figma artboards:

Close collaboration with the client and his team of designers to understand the aesthetic and functional requirements

Conversion of Figma graphic boards into a responsive design adapted to different devices (desktops, tablets, mobiles)

Implementation of custom design in the e-commerce application to provide a consistent and attractive user experience

Development of the e-commerce application for the sale of seeds:

Design and implementation of an intuitive user interface allowing customers to easily navigate the product catalog and place orders

Integration of inventory management, order tracking and secure online payment functionalities

Optimized SEO and app performance to ensure fast loading time and good search engine visibility

Creation of a dedicated application for logistics operators:

Analysis of the specific needs of logistics operators and development of a suitable application for managing orders, stocks and shipments

Integration of a communication interface between the e-commerce application and the logistics application to ensure real-time monitoring of orders and stocks

Training of logistics operators in the use of the application and support in getting started with the tool

Thanks to these achievements, our client was able to benefit from an efficient and aesthetically successful e-commerce platform, promoting sales and customer satisfaction. In addition, the application dedicated to logistics operators has made it possible to optimize internal processes, reducing delivery times and improving inventory management.

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