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Shopify - Pricing - Which plan to choose? the online tool

You got started, you started playing with your theme, you enjoy your 14-day trial.

The time will soon come when you will have to put your store online, and for that, you will have to choose your Shopify formula.

There are 5 of them:

Shopify lite, this option offers you to use the shopify checkout without really having a store. You sell on facebook and instagram, and Shopify takes care of the collections for you for $9/month.

Basic Shopify, for $29/month and 2% commission on all sales, is the plan used to get started, see if your store is successful, without committing big bucks.

Shopify plan, $79/month and 1% commission. It is the most chosen plan, the lower commission rate allows to have in the end, a low cost for your shop.

Shopify advanced, $299/month and 0.5% commission, chosen by shops with high traffic and special needs

Shopify PLUS, the premium version of Shopify, for stores with more than 2 million euros in turnover. You can customize the checkout part as you wish, commissions are reduced to 0.015% and the subscription will cost you $2000 every month.

That being said, you still don't know which plan will be the most advantageous. Here is a tool, which will give you the plan to choose according to your turnover. You can change plans with a single click from your back office.

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