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Shopify - The most powerful CMS for your store

eCommerce has a bright future ahead of it, the number of transactions is constantly increasing, and today, having an online presence is essential for any beginner.

Where a few years ago, the launch of an e-commerce site could take months, and cost a fortune, Shopify has upset the codes. Indeed, 3 minutes will suffice to have a site online and ready to use. (Always count 2-3 days to configure everything). And this without any development!

By clicking HERE , start creating your store right away, you will have a 14-day trial!

Another good idea, contact us for an unlimited trial period ! (but limited in number of orders). Privilege of Shopify Partners.

But where is the wolf? Shopify is a hosted solution, the price is accessible ($29 per month). The platform has thought of everything an average trader needs. But as soon as you have a specific need you have to add a plugin (say App). And these Apps are often paid monthly. So the monthly fee climbs quickly. But you have to evaluate the time and the cost of a developer saved against the monthly price that your Shop will cost you!

I'll come back in a few weeks to give you a complete topo on Shopify...

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