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Shopify Emails - Shopify's new service

Shopify launches its own email, newsletter and automation service!

After the disagreements at the start of 2020 between MailChimp and Shopify, which ended in a clear cessation of their collaboration, Shopify had to react and just launched a complete email sending service in April.


With this launch, Shopify ensures to have a very complete service and at very attractive prices, which will undermine the other market players (Omnisend, Klaviyo, SendinBlue...).

The service will be completely free until October. After this date, the pricing will drop to $1 for 1000 shipments , knowing that the first 2500 shipments will be free !


There are a few prerequisites (domain name, Shopify plan, etc.), basically you must already have a real audience.

Emails will be sent by the email configured for your store. It is important to update it (Settings > General | Parameters > General )

In the Marketing tab, you now have 3 sub-menus:

Overview: Here you will see if your store is eligible for Shopify Email, you will also see all statistics related to Shopify Email and other marketing apps

Shopify Email Requirements

Campaign : Here you can create your newsletters, in an app created by Shopify, here are some screenshots. There are the basic functionalities, we feel that it will evolve quickly, with template proposals etc...

Choose Shopify Email Shopify Emails Howto

Choose a template

Shopify Email Template

Enter texts and other - To add elements click on the plus that appears between the sections

Shopify Email newsletter campaign

Other components seem to be in development

Shopify email Components

Send or plan to send it (Emails will be sent in batches)

Shopify Email Console

Automation : Here you can connect apps to predict automations (abandoned carts, welcome message etc...) For the moment, it is not connected to Shopify Email but it will be soon

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