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The essentials to start on Shopify

The little things to remember

When you start on Shopify, you go headlong thinking landing page, description and packshots, collections etc… However, you must not forget all the legal aspect and the essential elements to comply with the laws of the web. Paying attention to these aspects also builds user trust in your brand.

Enable double opt-in

An important lever for your e-commerce is mailing. You will surely set up a popup or at least a newsletter subscription section.

The GDPR law requires you to track the consent of your users for registration in your brand's e-mail database.

Shopify offers you to activate the double optin. The user registers using your popup and then receives an email asking them to confirm their choice. In the customer file you will see a new Badge 'accepts e-mail marketing'. You can associate the registration with a reduction to better pass the pill.

You don't have to activate it because shopify can add this badge directly without the double optin, but you're not safe from fake emails that will smear your database.

Have a cookie banner compatible with shopify and GDPR

Many applications are available on the Shopify App Store and on the net in general. All are not equal and we will see why.

Initially the GDPR asked to indicate whether cookies were used, so some apps were content with a banner with a standard text 'if you browse this site you accept the deposit of cookies on your browser'

Today, the application must block all cookies before the user accepts said cookies. You must also be able to choose which cookie to allow.

Search the AppStore for "compatible with shopify api consent"

If you use GTM for your pixels we advise you

Terms and conditions - Legal notices

Your site must provide information about your company in the legal notices and the general conditions of sale which must for example explain the conditions of return, which includes purchases etc.

Shopify offers a basic generator for these pages, but we advise you to have it proofread by a professional and/or to start from your competitors' terms of sale to have a base that corresponds to your business.

These conditions must correspond to European and French rules on distance selling.

Accept the T&Cs

In particular, it is necessary to set up a checkbox 'I accept the general conditions of sale' that the customer must check before payment. Shopify offers this box in the online store settings.
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