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Need specifications for your E-commerce

Do you need to communicate your development needs to a web agency or developer? Clearly defining your needs saves time!

It also means asking the right questions and avoiding qui-proquos.

What should my specifications contain?

Your interlocutors must first understand who you are, what you sell, your brand image. Knowing who your competitors are also helps.

Then define what you need, what is your direction.

Your specifications must clearly define your needs, front and back. Define each functionality in detail, the user experience (UX), the expected schedule.

The specifications can be attached as an appendix to the estimate to be sure that all the actors are fully aware of the scope of the project.

How do I get my specifications?

We have created an online form to help you create your Ecommerce & Shopify Specifications.

Click here, fill in all the questions that relate to your needs, click on send and you will receive your specifications by email!

You can then send it to us for us to study :)

Create my specifications now

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